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Schaap Holland cooperates intensively with professional and amateur breeders and potatoes breeding companies on the development of new varieties for the various markets that Schaap Holland is active in.



Breeding companies make new seedlings available every year. These seedlings are then selected by the breeders and specialists at Schaap Holland.
Each year, the new seedlings are tested on trial fields together with a huge number of standard, reference varieties. This entails planting the seedlings out in around 6-8 trial fields already in use throughout the Netherlands and Germany in the growing regions where Schaap Holland operates.


After harvesting, the samples from all the trial fields are centralised in Biddinghuizen where they are tested and assessed for a large number of characteristics. After trials that last some years a limited number of varieties, which have been assessed as being stable and with positive traits, undergo a series of further trials on other fields in Europe. They are then submitted for inclusion in the European Common Catalogue of Varieties and registered for Plant Breeder's Rights. At the same time the first (pre-breeding) seed potato growers are approached to help with the further development and propagation of the new variety.



Seed potato propagation

The propagation of seed potatoes principally takes place in the north and centre of the Netherlands on the light and medium heavy clay soils at specialised (pre-breeding) seed potato growers. From planting, selecting, lifting, grading up to delivering, our growers are highly motivated to produce and supply the very best quality seed potatoes.




If the varieties have to be propagated in a shorter time, a method of in-vitro propagation and the production of mini tubers is used.


On the request of customers, a number of varieties are also propagated at sites abroad. Seed potatoes Class E are usually supplied from the Netherlands.


Schaap Holland welcomes contact from new (hobby) breeders and seed potato growers. If you would like to make an appointment, free of obligation, with one of our representatives, please send us an E-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible.