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Commercial customers.

As far as potatoes are concerned, Schaap Holland is the ideal partner for each link of the potato chain. This position is due to Schaap Holland's reputation as an ‘all-rounder’ in the potato sector.

Breeding and seed potatoes.
Potato varieties are bred and cultivated under our own management. Seed potatoes of our own varieties, protected and public varieties are marketed all over the world.

Industry and export.
Schaap Holland is a major supplier of potatoes to the European processing industry. We can supply the variety and size required by customers all year round.

Foodservice and Retail.
Under the brand name “PolderGoud” we supply packaged potatoes and chilled potato products to the European foodservice and retail sectors. The products perfectly answer the requirements of the user regarding choice of variety, size, cooking type, processing and shape. For the ready meal industry we produce customised, premium quality semi-finished products.